Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jesus Keeps Me Sober

"Jesus Keeps Me Sober" from the prequel to Beat Is Beatitude, called Manger Chaser, and released late last year. Interpreted as song by Michael Humber.


 Jesus keeps me sober
The one who turned water Into wine
Turned it back into water for me

He turned it into black coffee
Carbonated water
All natural soda

 Jesus keeps me sober
One minute
One hour
One day at a time

 I used to think communion Sacraments
 had to be spiked
That the disciples must have been stoned
 But the gluttony of Christmas cookies

Is more than I need tonight
To dance around the evergreen tree
In the bliss of childlike ecstasy
 Christmas got sober Jesus is clean
Purged from sin
Or being mean
He’s the hope
That children dream