Thursday, January 22, 2015


I perceive God as Creator in Everything:
Animator of Earth
Instigator of Heaven &
believe in Jesus Christ
the Son of Man
Prince of Peace
Liberator & Lord
Poet & Prophet of Revolutionary Love
who is conceived in the fire of the Holy Spirit
born from the sacred feminine embodied in Mother Mary
suffered & persecuted & crucified
for his external & internal Mystical-social Rebellion again empire
who died & descended into darkness to unlock all gates & limits
fully resurrected & risen from the dead
just as all death feeds life in eternal regeneration & return

He unites heaven & earth
God & humanity
In cosmic Oneness &
Kingdom consciousness

From this cosmic unity
Jesus offers universal salvation &
Grace, love, & mercy

We are One in the Spirit
United in the ecumenical church
& Communion of Saints
Fulfilled by the forgiveness of sins
For the resurrection & restoration of all creation
& life everlasting